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  • About Vianen

    Our company was established in 1919. Now, almost 100 years later, our company consists of two subsidiaries. You can read all about it in the relevant sections. Or take a look at our summarised history.

    Vianen Handelskwekerij

    Vianen Handelskwekerij (Vianen Commercial Nursery) grows and sells top-quality pot plants. To achieve this superior quality, we import young plant material from different parts of the world: including Sri Lanka, Central America and Africa. In doing so we ensure continuity and guarantee top quality. Vianen Handelskwekerij specialises in the growing of the following plant varieties: Codiaeum variegatum and Euphorbia milii.
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    Cees Vianen established "Firma C. Vianen" in 1919. The great-grandfather of the current directors started growing cut flowers in the heart of Rijnsburg.
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    Vianen Handelskwekerij
    Vianen Potplanten
    Historie Vianen