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    Cees Vianen established "Firma C. Vianen" in 1919. The great-grandfather of the current directors started growing cut flowers in the heart of Rijnsburg. In 1941 the company was taken over by Jac Vianen (Sr), who started a business enterprise in addition to growing cut flowers. The company name was subsequently changed to "Handelskwekerij Firma C. Vianen".


    We first started experimenting with the cultivation of pot plants in 1956. This activity gradually demanded more and more of our attention. The growing of cut flowers declined, and by 1968 Vianen Handelskwekerij concentrated entirely on cultivating pot plants.


    Wim Vianen took over the company from his father Jac Vianen (Sr) in 1980. In 1989 the company was forced to relocate from the centre of Rijnsburg to the Kloosterschuur; its current location. Today the company is called Vianen Handelskwekerij, where
    Klaas Jan Vianen (son of Wim Vianen) cultivates Euphorbia milii and Codiaem.

    HistorieFounder Cees Vianen HistorieJac Vianen (ex-chairman of Flora Rijnsburg) HistorieW.J.Vianen HistorieCitroën, about 1940 (with Jac Vianen) HistorieDodge, about 1950 HistorieOpel Blitz, about 1970