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  • About Vianen Handelskwekerij

    Vianen Handelskwekerij cultivates and sells top-quality pot plants. To achieve this superior quality, we import young plant material from different parts of the world: including Sri Lanka and Guatemala. In doing so we ensure continuity and guarantee top quality. Vianen Handelskwekerij specialises in the following plant varieties: Codiaeum and Euphorbia milii.


    Our suppliers are MPS certified. This certificate guarantees observance to the European environmental requirements and labour conditions. We attach great importance to this, because we want to ensure that all our plants meet the European requirements from beginning to end, from cultivation to sale. In our nursery, too, we work according to European requirements. Vianen Handelskwekerij has the following quality certification: MPS-A.


    We grow Codiaeum in the following pot sizes: 8.5 cm (small leaved), 13 cm and 17 cm(large leaved). This is an all-season product and therefore available year round. It is also worth mentioning that we grow many varieties of the small-leaved Codiaeum. These are available per variety or in a mixed tray.

    Euphorbia milii

    We Euphorbia milii grow Euphorbia milii in a 13 cm and 17 cm pot size. This product is available from March to September. It is also worth mentioning that we grow many varieties of the Euphorbia milii. Plant breeders' rights apply to the Euphorbia milii. Vianen Handelskwekerij specialises in the cultivation of a heavy and compact Euphorbia milii.

    The future

    Vianen Handelskwekerij is always working towards meeting the latest product demands. This allows us to guarantee top quality and continuity, which is greatly appreciated by consumers and professionals alike!


    We sell our products via the FloraHolland auctions located at Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk.
    Our products are available directly, through intermediaries as well as via the clock method. Our up-to-date stock is available from the Landelijke Aanbodsbank External and FloraXchange External

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